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  • Fully automatic
  • Calculates the elapsed time between IN/OUT punches and prints a running total of the accumulated hours worked
  • Maximum employee count: 100
  • Selectable pay period: weekly, fortnightly or monthly
  • Can stamp IN/OUT punches unlimited times per day
  • Fully auto feed in and eject out of time cards
  • Automatic day light savings adjustments
  • Perpetual calendar of year-on-year advancement
  • Built-in Li battery back up for memory protection
  • Special mark printings “!” for irregular recognition
  • Can be programmed for 2 different day schedules per week (common and extra)
  • Automatically differentiates front and back of time card
  • Large, bright orange back-lit LCD
  • Preinstalled purple nylon cartridge ribbon
  • Optional full power reserve connection for battery back up