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The post-COVID-19 workplace is a very difficult place where the facilities have a newfound duty-of-care to protect their staff, clients, and visitors in the controlled and continuous fashion.

NoahFace has partnered with CALUMINO®- the experts in nano-optics thermal sensors, to create the world’s first unmanned and touchless access control station with built-in Opto-thermal scanning.

The users take one look at the touch-free iPad-based kiosk, and the system then detects, thermally scans, and authenticates the users, all in about a second.

Elevated temperature events can deny access as well as trigger the immediate notifications. They are also logged and fully auditable from within the NoahFace cloud environment.

The NoahFace thermal access solution supports both high and low-level interfaces to modern third-party electronic access control systems.

NoahFace/CALUMINO Thermal Sensor Specifications

Detection Performance
Infrared detector typeCALUMINO® proprietry thermal nanotech sensor (8-13 μm)
Calibrated temp. range30°C – 42 °C
Temperature sensitivity< 90 mK
Temperature correctionfully calibrated & radiometric, no reference source required
Screen time< 1 second
Optical and Output Parameters
Infrared image resolution36 x16 pixels, upsampled by default to 144×64 pixels
Infrared image frame rate8 FPS
iPad camera frame rate30 FPS
Color palettesIsothermal
AlertAutomatic email if value outside preset parameter
Image DataValue stored for 90 days then automatically deleted on both device and in cloud
Set-up Requirements
MountingFully integrated kiosk wall mounted with iPad and processor
Subject screening distance0.65 m to 1.0 m
ThroughputSingle subject per screen
Power supply & data interfaceDual PoE 10/100/1000 Ethernet
Operating environmentIndoor use only
Operating temp. and humidity18 °C to 28 °C, < 70 % RH operating humidity
Storage temperature & humidity0 °C to 45 °C , < 80 % RH

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