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We are the largest independent supplier of Time Clocks – Bundy Clocks – Time Recorders – Time Recording Systems – Time & Date Stamps – Job Costing Clocks – Calculating Time Clocks – Non-Calculating Electronic Time Clocks – PC Based Time and Attendance Systems and Accessories in Western Australia.

Founded in 1994 we are backed by 25 years experience in the Time Recording Equipment Industry. We have a large customer base across a variety of industry sectors using our products with great satisfaction. We believe our success is due to our track record for top quality products and service.

We are dedicated to delivering superior Time Recording Systems for businesses of every size. Whether you’re looking for the simplest form of Time Keeping or an integrated PC Package, our diverse product range will provide an effective solution to your company’s payroll recording, tracking employee attendance, job and / or task tracking requirements.

Product, accessories and services list:

  • Time Attendance & Job Cost Recorders
    (with or without signals)
  • Time & Date Stamps
  • Calculating Time Recorders
  • Seiko Electronic Time Clocks (non-calculating)
  • TimeCalculator (calculating time clock)
  • Computerised Swipe Systems
  • Time and Job Cards
  • Magnetic ID Badges
  • Time Card Racks 25 Slot PVC Plastic
  • Time Card Racks 50 Slot Plastic (fit 85width card)
  • Badge ID Racks 40 Slot PVC Plastic
  • Retractable Card Holders
  • CardClean Cards (magnetic head cleaners) for Time/Badge Readers (Terminals)
  • Electronic Timers
  • Sirens / Bells / Ribbons for most make of Time Clocks
  • Sales, Service, Spare Parts
  • Repairs to most make of Time Clocks
  • Free estimates for repairs.

You can rely on the experts for all your Time Equipment needs.