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Time Clocks – Bundy Clocks – Time Recorders – Time Recording Systems – Time & Date Stamps – Job Costing Clocks – Calculating Time Clocks – Non-Calculating Electronic Time Clocks – PC Based Time and Attendance Systems and Accessories in Western Australia.

Time Clocks

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We are a wholly owned Perth business.

We believe in providing exceptional customer service along with quality products and can offer both employee time and attendance systems as well as job costing including:

  • Simple time and date stamp clocks

  • Non calculating time and attendance clocks that use employee time cards plus calculating time and

  • Qualified technician to service all types of clocks as well as printers and photocopiers.

  • A large variety of different time cards that can be used with different clocks

  • PC based time and attendance systems linked directly from the time clock to the office PC that use

  • Biometric time systems that can link directly with the office PC using finger print or face recogn

  • Cloud based time and attendance systems that allow employees to sign in remotely using their phone

  • Ongoing support is available for all PC based systems.

Clocks that use cards

Posted on 04 Sep, 2017

A big step forward for those businesses still using hand written time sheets which someone has to decipher at the end of each pay cycle.

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Biometric Clocks

Posted on 04 Sep, 2017

Once businesses employee more than 50 or so staff it can be quite cumbersome collating individual time card.

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Posted on 04 Sep, 2017

People forget that any equipment with moving parts will require maintenance to ensure they continue to operate effectively.

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